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Tavolara Island Boat Tour

A private transfer will take you from your hotel to our boat, to set course towards the shores of Tavolara Island. This is a place of ancient and modern legends where you will hear 18 century stories of wild goats with gold teeth and you will discover why there is a " King of Tavolara" You can relax on the beautiful beach,Swim, snorkel, or explore trails in beautiful virgin nature.

The next boat stop will be Isla Molara where you will experience the incredible pristine pools, a wounder of nature, while lunch and wine will be prepared and served on board. Cala Girgolu is our third visit, for another granite rocks sculptured by the wind.

Full day, small group tour departs daily, max 8 people. 



Golfo Aranci

Not just wonderful beaches

The name Golfo Aranci derives from a misinterpretation of the cartographers of the mid-twentieth century: Gulfu di li Ranci, in Gallura, 'gulf of the crab', was translated with Golfo Aranci.The village of Golfo Aranci extends on a tongue of land in the middle of the sea, overlooking the Gulf of Olbia. The

Sardinia: the 10 most beautiful beaches

To visit absolutely during your stay

Many of our guests ask me what beaches to visit during their stay. Which are the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, or which are the best beaches around Olbia and reachable in a few minutes from the Hotel Stefania. In all honesty I must admit that answering this question is always difficult for me,