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    What does boutique hotel mean and why choose it?

    Boutique hotel is a definition imported from the United States where it has been used since the '80s to indicate small and characteristic luxury hotels, as opposed to large hotel chains that are often too anonymous and little related to the territory.

    Boutique hotels are generally distinguished on the basis of 5 main features:

    1. The size: a Boutique Hotel is small and independent

    A boutique hotel is by definition a "man-sized" hotel. Few rooms, a quiet, welcoming, exclusive environment where travelers can feel a little at home, just like our Hotel Stefania. In addition, a Boutique Hotel does not belong to the big hotel chains, but on the contrary it is often family-run, like our Hotel Stefania.

    2. Design: a Boutique Hotel is cared for in every detail

    Boutique hotels are often also called design hotels. The Boutique Hotels are by definition extremely cared for in every detail and their design often comes from a strong link with the territory and local traditions, interpreted in a personal and original way. This is the case of Hotel Stefania where architecture integrates with the territory with discretion, and the decor smells of the Mediterranean.

    3. Service: a Boutique Hotel is always attentive to the needs of its guests

    In a Boutique Hotel, a guest is not a number but a name. In our Boutique Hotel we love to entertain ourselves with our guests, welcome them and if they wish to guide them to discover our wonderful land.

    4. Catering: a Boutique Hotel takes care of its cuisine

    The catering is organized and linked to the territory is another fundamental element and our Restaurant Nino's is an excellent example being a reference point not only for tourists but also for the locals.

    5. Location: a Boutique Hotel is far from confusion

    A Boutique Hotel is usually located in an exclusive, private location, away from mass tourism, just like our Hotel Stefania on the beautiful beach of pittolungo, one of the most beautiful in Sardinia, where guests can enjoy their privacy in every season.

    Hotel Stefania is the ideal Boutique Hotel if you are looking for an exclusive but also welcoming and familiar environment to get in touch with the traditions, flavors and aromas of Sardinia.

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